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If you are a Java developer, then you are already aware of frameworks you have to get an in-depth knowledge of this field. A web framework is a program which helps to develop web and mobile applications with great features. Java is said not only to be a programming language but is the choice of first programming language across the globe. It is the language which influences new upcoming languages. It is an emerging language for different applications. Kickstart your career as an app developer, experts at Spring Training in Chennai teaches each and every concept with real-time scenarios. Here is the list of Top 10 Best Java Frameworks to use in 2018.

Types of Frameworks

JavaServer Faces (JSF)

JSF is supported by Google; it comes with in-depth and complex documentation. JavaServer Faces is the wonderful documentation which helps to build the mobile apps with great features. JSF plays an important role in Java Enterprise Edition.


  • Rich Libraries
  • Supported by Oracle
  • Excellent Tools


A strut is an open-source framework which helps to develop the foundation of a web application. With this, you can design the web and mobile applications with great features. Learn new frameworks with the guidance of Struts Training in Chennai, specialists approach is helpful to get a wonderful career in the IT world.


  • Easy to test the code
  • Open-source
  • Fast Development

Google Web ToolKit

GWT is an open-source tool which helps to develop and modify front-end Java applications. Programmers easily create responsive web applications, it balances a load on client and server side systems.


  • Accessible
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Easy to Use 


Vaadin framework was licensed by Apache Software Foundation. It is great for web development.


  • Good Documentation
  • Plug-Ins
  • Server-Side Programming
  • You can use Ajax and Google Web Tools 


Grails is a dynamic web framework which enables you to write the code in the minimal duration. It comes with an equipped variety of powerful tools such as compile time programming, asynchronous programming and much more.


  • Easy to Use
  • Over 800 Plugins
  • Excellent Documentation


Hibernate is an ORM framework which helps to convert data between two systems. It helps to modify the data in an easy way. Get start to learn web and app development with the guidance of Hibernate Training in Chennai. Once learning course will helpful to get your dream job in the short span of time.


  • Speedy
  • Easy to Scale
  • Helps to convert data for Multiple Database
  • Very Powerful

Spring MVC

Spring MVC is the oldest Java framework which helps to develop applications.


  • Extremely Helpful
  • Helps to write code 

Play Framework

Play is a web framework which helps to make changes in an easy way. It is specially designed for developers, working on modern web and mobile apps. Applications that rely on a certain level of simplicity. Play framework is very popular on open source toolkit. It enables you to test, write and test the applications in a short life span of time.


  • Flexible Tools
  • Improves your Productivity
  • Excellent Resource Management
  • Easy Workflow 


Wicket is otherwise known as Apache Wicket. It is very useful and responsive. You can easily integrate with HTML, it allows for simple and elegant HTML pages. It contains an enormous amount of power and convenience.


  • Easy to Test your code
  • Easy to maintain your code
  • Makes Elegant Applications
  • Supports HTML and Java
  • POJO 


Vert.x is an appropriate polyglot that runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is easy to use with numerous languages such as Java, Ceylon, Groovy, JavaScript, Ruby and much more.

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