The traditional Java developers are exposed to projects where the spring framework is used, but now the environment has been changed to spring boot and spring cloud. JSP, GWT, and JSF are no longer used instead Angular JS and React JS are used. So, Java developers are now learning the front end libraries and frameworks like javascript. To update the technology and get on-site projects, learn from JAVA Training in Chennai. Java developers need to know about the related technologies like database management and front-end technologies. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are related to the front technologies whereas SQL and Algorithms are related to the database. Spring boot, spring cloud, angular, React, and Apache spark are the trending frameworks of the year 2018. Programmers understand the admin job, but the administrators don’t have the necessity to know about the job of the programmers.  The Java developer job is the most difficult and demanding job globally. Go here for Situs Slot Gacor

Java-based database technology

JDBC offers a Java interface to the database. ODBC is also similar to JDBC but it provides open database connectivity to the data access. ODBC uses C interface. It sends the SQL queries to the database using JDBC driver. Java is the technology used for multiple purposes and JAVA Course in Chennai prepare for the future engineers. Hibernate also connects with the database with the help of HQL {Hibernate query language}. HQL executes the queries and maps the results in the memory of the Java objects. In JDBC you need to write the code to map the object, whereas hibernates does the mapping using XML or annotations. Hibernate is database independent. So, it is easy to change the old database to the new database. The yearly or periodical change with the database has been done with ease. JDBC and hibernate help of the Java-based database technology. There are many Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya No 1 to develop the JAVA community. The Apache spark framework is also Java-based framework used in the database and data analysis.

Java and Web applications

JSP defines about the HTTP and specific classes respond quickly to request response. JSP runs on the server side without the user interface. JEE is used for multi-tiered, large enterprise solution. Java EE is used for large solutions, whereas Java ME is used for small solutions. JAVA FX is used for internet solutions. For web applications, the server should communicate with the database and respond to the transaction. The Best Core Java Training in Chennai with practical knowledge helps to clear the interview. JEE is for enterprise solution and it comprises of JSP, servlets, and applets. Struts, spring and hibernate framework are the advanced level Java for the web Slot Gacor. Angular JS is the framework used for the front end technology. GWT {Google Web Toolkit} is an open source tool for Javascript to develop complex front-end applications. Angular JS is the framework used for the Javascript which is used for the front end.