There is heavy competition among the cloud providers regarding the latest changes in the technology. As there are constant changes in the services it is important to see the changes. Let me provide some information regarding the new changes in the services. Join the Cloud Computing Training in Chennai to get your dream job. Here is the clear discussion on Comparison of cloud products in the year 2018

Recent changes in the cloud products

Azure is widening its services to the countries like France and Australia to increase the demand globally. Google is now adding Finland as its sixteenth region globally and it is the sixth region of Google’s reach in Europe. Some of the services which are available only in the preview are now available. These services are Amazon EC2 bare metal instances, Amazon EKS, Amazon Neptune {graph database}, Azure database migration service, Azure database for MySQL, Azure database for postgreSQL, Azure kubernetes service, Azure event grid, Google could IOT core, Google Cloud SQL for postgre SQL, and Google transfer appliance. The memory in the Google products tends to increase from 160 VCPUs to 3844 GB.

Google also increased the services and its SLA is increased to 99.99 percent which is more than that of AWS and Azure. So, Google offers more services in the year 2018. There are so many best institutes for the Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai. The security service offered by Google is called as cloud Armor which protects the application by DDOS {Distributed Denial of service}. The Australian government agencies follow IRAP which is used for security purpose.

The Registered Assessors program {IRAP} monitors the services of the Google cloud platform and sends the official report to the government. It is available on request to the Google products. AWS, Azure and IBM cloud already use the Fed RAMP compliant service provider. IBM now offers the multi-tenant environment to manage the workloads. The resources and the workloads are de-provisioned to satisfy the multiple users. Cloud Courses in Chennai are available for the developers, admin, and the marketing professionals. Depending upon the knowledge one can join the course which is suitable to the experience.

This service is already available in AWS, Azure, and Google. IBM cloud offers mass data migration as like the service in the AWS snowball, Azure import/export service, Google transfer appliance. This new service offers data transfer with 120TB to transfer the moving data. The common transfer and the physical data transfer differ with respect to the cost, time and the security issues. IBM offers the access and the security management service which is already offered by the Google, AWS and the Azure. The knowledge derived from the Cloud Training in Chennai help to understand the different challenges on the job.


The constant changes in the services show that there is a huge demand for the cloud products in the market. The advantages of using the cloud are the disaster recovery, flexibility, regular software updates, enhanced security to the data and the application, work from any place, and easy to handle the competition. In case, you need to jump start your career by learning any of the cloud platforms, we recommend Google Cloud or Amazon Cloud. AWS Training in Chennai at FITA will come in handy if you need to learn AWS in a 2 months!