The Google I/O has packed few heavy surprises for Android users in 2018. The organization advancement in Google Assistant and AI held us spellbound and the new announcement bought very close to the final version of Pistachio Android. Android 9.0 versions still remain as a mystery and here we have got to see a bunch cool and the most exciting features. In this year 2018, Google has focused on creating the digital lives more organized and calmed through Android P. Organizations are trying to create smartphones for better habits through Machine Learning and AI. This has undergone major service. Now Android P is offering a great new feature curbing up the usage of your phone. Here in Android Training in Chennai, we have explained about the best features in Android P the latest version.

Gesture Navigation

The Google has designed the way to navigate the OS by simply introducing the Gesture navigation which is similar to iPhone X. There is a single button instead of three buttons on the home screen to swipe up and view the latest used apps with the UI targeted. Sliding across the left and right of the device would show the apps used recently.

Wi-Fi RTT for Indoor navigation:

IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol supported by Android P is also called as Round-Trip-Time which is the best feature for Android Course in Chennai fans. This feature enables GPS indoor for tracing for determination of your current location and facilitating the directions turn-by-turn which are waiting for.


This is an easy method for tracking the time glued for watching videos on YouTube, playing games and much more. Google has a bunch of new features to control your phone. The phone displays the following:

  • Number of notifications received
  • Number of time spent each day on the phone
    Total time for unlocking your phone
  • Pie chart indicating for each app as per date calculated on the basis

Do not Disturb

Android P will help you when you are at an important meeting or family gatherings. The Do Not Disturb mode gets you with the phone. The Android Development Course in Chennai works faster on the candidate basis.

App Timer

App Timer is another important feature moving towards digital wellbeing as this feature lets you know the app limits for an extended period.

Notch Support

Each and every smartphone company manufactures follow the trend of the notch display feature. Android P the feature of the new edge-to-edge screen support having the Stimulate a display with a cut-out” feature which encompasses the various types of mode cut such as tall, narrow and wide suffice various dimensions in a notch.

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