Why Do You Need A Straddle Carrier?

In warehouses and ports, straddle carriers play a vital role in lifting and placing the containers. The straddle carrier is a weight-lifting vehicle typically used in shifting the containers and vessels effectively. Unlike other container lifting vehicles which stack overhead, these carriers stack the containers underneath. A separate cabin is placed on the top to operate the whole lifting carrier. This carrier does not require any cranes or forklifts to load or unload the containers. However, if the provisions are made, the two containers can be interlocked and carried by the straddle carrier.  In the regular spreader cranes, the containers are unloaded on the port yard from the vessels and then shifted to the individual loading areas. Hence, a straddle carrier helps shift the heavyweight containers quickly at the desired point, which is not available in the conventional carrier vehicle. Therefore, in this post, let us see why you need a straddle carrier.

Improve efficiency:

The foremost benefit of using the straddle carrier is it improves the efficiency of the process. The container lifting machine reduces the process of transporting assistance companies effectively. These carriers are easy to load and unload containers without much effort. Similarly, a straddle carrier can carry the empty or the full containers independently. Hence, a heavy-weight straddle carrier improves the efficiency of lifting and shifting significantly.

Loading points:

Another prime benefit of using the straddle carrier is it has low loading points. Most of the lifting vehicles and forklifts have large loading points. Similarly, many industrial yards are designed for the 5 Tonne forklifts and trucks. Thus, the straddle carrier with the low loading points can handle the container well by perfect latching which other lifting machines can damage because of large loading points. Hence, the low loading point gives a stable shifting or carrying of the container.


Thirdly, the straddle carrier’s productivity rate is higher than the conventional trucks and forklifts. As mentioned earlier, these carriers do not need any external assistance to lift or shift the containers. Hence, these carriers can lift two or three containers at a time, unlike the conventional lifting vehicles. Therefore, as a result, the productivity rate is high.

But nowadays, a multi-directional forklift is also used by various industrial yards to meet their requirements. Hence, straddle carriers play a vital role in the industries.