The physiotherapist will help in having a normal and independent life and help in resuming all the daily activities by yourself. Physiotherapy plays an important role for treating arthritis. They will help in controlling your moment and assess and help in avoiding injuries in the joints. The joints and the muscle problems are treated by the physiotherapist.  They are especially trained for this.

Understand the situation

The physiotherapist will first help you in knowing about what the problem is and will explain to you all the things that can affect it. Then what should be done in order to improve the fitness level and to treat it. Understanding the problem will help in managing the effect.

Managing the pain

The pain is usually in the joint or muscle which is caused in any part of the body. So with the prescribed medication, the physiotherapist exercise can help in giving better results. It will help in relieving the pain quickly.

  • Using ice packs will help in soothing the swollen muscles.
  • Tense and the tired muscle can be relaxed using the hot packs.
  • A splint is a supporting device that is used for fractured bones and also used when there are swollen or painful joints.
  • Using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation that is the TENS machine can be used to give a message signal to the brain to reduce the pain. These are small devices which are connected with a pad to the skin. It will give signal to the nerve ending with which will cause tingling sensation and will help in the reliving of the pain.

Maintaining the level

When more activity is done in a day, it will affect the body just like when they are not done to a certain level. So the physiotherapist will advise and will help you in doing the exercise at the right level according to the fitness or the health of the person. They will plan accordingly in a way that the person will not overdo.

Graded exercise

It should be started in small steps and should be increased gradually. It will help in strengthening the muscles and joints and will improve fitness. When the general fitness is increased along with the stamina it will help in increasing the daily activity level without increasing the pain in the body. When the body gets regular exercise, it will be stimulated and release endorphins, which are pain-relieving hormones. The physiotherapist will also offer massage and acupuncture treatment which will help in improving health. Electrotherapy using ultrasounds and the low level laser therapy can be used to stimulate the healing process and to reduce the pain.

Increasing the fitness

One should exercise regularly as it will improve health rather than damaging the muscle and the joints. The muscles will get weakened when it is not used and can cause damage to it. So while exercising, one can improve the general fitness which will result in increasing one’s health. The muscle should be stretched in order to increase the range of mobility and will help in moving without any strains.

The best physiotherapist in Chennai should be contacted in order to get proper treatment and to have better results.