organic cow milk

The health benefits of organic milk have a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, CLA, and more minerals than conventional milk. Milk is an essential component in everyone’s diet and consumption of milk will ensure the development of the body and healthy growth. However, modern dairies use different types of chemicals and adulterants in milk production. Some commercial diaries include fertilizers and pesticides for their cows. 

In advanced cases, artificial insemination and hormonal injections are injected into the cows. The excessive use of the chemicals in regular milk has numerous harmful effects and resulted in the demand for organic milk in Chennai. Hence, listed are some excellent benefits of including organic milk in the diet.

Fatty acid:

The foremost factor in organic milk is they contain a higher level of fatty acid. Omega-3 is one of the important fatty acids for healthy growth and the solution to various health problems. The cow milk Chennai is rich in these omega-3 fatty acids and protects from inflammation, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. In a recent study, the regular intake of omega-3 can reduce the onset of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Less of omega-6 fatty acid:

Omega-6 is also an essential fatty acid required for the development of the bones and organs. However, regular intake of omega-6 is not good at times. Vegetable oil from soybeans, corn, and sunflower is rich in omega-6 and already present in the human body through different foods. Therefore, consuming organic milk is effective and it has a balance of both fatty acids.

Conjugated linoleic acid:

It is the essential mineral to increase the metabolic rate of the body, muscle growth, and to increase immunity against any diseases. The human body cannot produce this substance naturally and an extra supplement is required. The milk and milk products have a sufficient amount of CLA. It is higher in organic milk than non-organic milk and recent animal studies reveal that CLA can be used for cancer treatment.

Fewer chemicals:

As the diaries allow their cows to graze on the pastures don’t contain any trace of antibodies. Researchers say that commercial diaries use approximately 500 pesticides for fodder. Therefore, milk from those cows is not contaminated with any harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and hormones.

Hence, there are numerous health benefits to organic cow milk in Chennai. Therefore, consider the tips suggested in the post to be healthy.