Hearing problem is one of the major problems in today’s world. Studies reveal that one in twelve-person suffers from hearing problems. It means around 8% of the total population have various hearing problems and one in a thousand children have hearing defects from birth. It leads them to speech disabilities. It will lead to permanent hearing loss or, the child may lose their speech ability if not treated early. Hearing loss occurs due to disease, birth defects, injuries, frequent exposure to loud noise, aging, and many more. However, with the help of science and technology developments, hearing aids come with various features to improve hearing ability. The hearing aid centre in Chennai ensures that every patient gets the best treatment for their hearing issues. Hence, in this post, some of the features of the hearing aids are discussed briefly.

Noise reduction:

The background noise affects the communication and the user is unable to understand it. The noise of the wind, crowd, and music will interrupt the transmission to a great extent. Therefore, noise reduction is an essential feature in every hearing aid. The Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai provide excellent hearing aids with maximum noise reduction. 

Directional microphone:

The direction microphone makes use of their directionality to adapt the sound from a specific direction. The microphones help to absorb the sound from the front by reducing the sounds from behind and sides. In some cases, hearing aids are designed in a way to absorb sound from one direction. The primary aim of the microphone is to reduce the background and improve the hearing ability.

Rechargeable batteries:

Nowadays, hearing aids come with two types of batteries. One is disposable batteries and the other one is rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids have in-built rechargeable batteries and do not require removal like disposable batteries. Similar to smartphone charging, these hearing aids are charged on a charging unit. These hearing aids are handled and maintained easily.


The telecoils are small copper coils that come with every hearing aid and have been a trend for more than 50 years. The advantage of using telecoils is that they enhance the hearing ability in public places. The telecoils attract electromagnetic signals from various sources and a small button is used to activate them. The telecoils absorb the electromagnetic waves in the landlines and allow the user to speak better on the phone.

The hearing aid price in Chennai is comparatively low compared to other places. These additional features help the user to explore more sounds and gradually increase the hearing.