audiologist in Chennai

Cerumen which is the technical term for earwax is a part of the healthy ear. It helps in lubricating the ear canal. At times there may be an overproduction of cerumen which causes the temporary hearing ailment along with itching and sometimes even tinnitus. If it is not taken care of at an early stage which damages the ear permanently. An audiologist in Chennai is a hearing healthcare professional who deals with identifying and treating hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance issues. Let us look at the factors in detail.

Excess or improper cleaning:

One should not use cotton swabs, ear candles, oils, or any foreign objects inside your ear. They often seem to work better at first but cause problems in the latter days. Cotton swabs even cause microabrasions and puncture the ear canal to an extent. Improper cleaning causes severe issues. Being too aggressive or using the approved cleaning solutions helps us to remove wax at first but causes overproduction in the days to come. Siemens hearing aid dealers in Chennai provide wireless hearing aid that best suits its client. These are small-sized electronic device that amplifies the sound and makes it easier for a person with hearing loss.   

Allergens and stress responses:

Pollen causes issues more than the sinuses. When exposed to allergens, damages the sebaceous glands. When the allergen-filled air passes into the ear causes irritation which causes the overproduction of cerumen. Particles like dust, mold spores can also trigger this in response. Cerumen is overproduced owing to the stress response. Oily skin can also increase the risk. 

Contact stimulus:

This is often caused by the objects that come in contact with the outer ear. The contact stimulus triggers the overproduction of cerumen. The hearing aid should be kept clean without moisture and one has to clean it often as possible. When we work out with earbuds and wearing a headset for longer hours triggers the overproduction of cerumen. 

The hearing aid price in Chennai varies according to the color and size of the product. It also varies with respect to making, style, and signal processing technology that has been used in the hearing aid. One cannot control the earwax production so keeping the ears as clean as possible is the only way to avoid overproduction of cerumen. All these are the factors that impact earwax production.