What are the different types and uses of corrugated boxes?

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Packaging is essential when a person moves from one place to another. Every packing needs are different and various materials are used for the packaging. The various types of packaging form a protective layer to protect the products from damage. The boxes are made from common materials with unique characteristics. They provide storage and protection during shipping. Corrugated boxes are the famous type of packing after cardboard boxes. The packaging companies in Chennai offer customized corrugated boxes to get the maximum benefit from the packaging. Hence, below listed are the different types and uses of corrugated boxes.

Single-faced boxes:

The single-faced box has only one-liners within one liner. It consists of a single flute and one or two sheets of liner board. The top corrugated box manufacturers in Chennai sell corrugated boxes in the form of sheet rolls and cut to size. It is used as inner packaging to separate and protect individual products. 

Single-wall boxes:

The single-wall corrugated boxes are made of the inner and outer liner and surrounded by a single layer of the flute. The overall weight that a single-wall box can hold is 10kg. These boxes are perfect for lightweight products and commonly used online business owners. They are cost-effective and light during transport.

Double-wall boxes:

Double-wall boxes are constructed by two layers of flute sandwiched between the inner and outer liner. It provides higher strength and stability. The corrugated boxes with double-layer flutes are suitable for heavier objects. The double fluting acts as a cushion and absorbs the shock during transit. It is an ideal choice for house moving and archiving because of its rigidity.

Triple-wall boxes:

The triple-wall corrugated boxes are the sandwich of the three flute layers with the inner and outer edge liner. The edges of the boxes are hand-stitched. These boxes are thicker compared to other boxes and give utmost protection to the products. They are hard to get crushed or break and can take a load up to 50 kg. It is an ideal option to deliver electrical appliances and furniture.

These boxes are used in various areas and are getting popular in recent times. Many bubble roll manufacturers in Chennai make use of corrugated boxes with bubble rolls for a safer delivery. Hence, these boxes also serve as storing material for files, books, and stationery things.