What Are The Benefits Of Using Structural Steel In The Construction Industry?

Structural steel

Steel has many uses in the construction industry due to its high strength and flexibility. It is one of the vital materials associated with the building for several reasons. Structural steel is one type of such steel in which carbon and manganese are the main ingredients combined with iron. This category of steel is utilized for making construction materials in various shapes. 

The common structural steel shapes are I-beams, railway rail, HSS shape, and many more. Many steel suppliers categorize these steels with different compositions according to their standards and regulations, which differ for various countries. Hence, the following listed are some of the benefits while using structural steel as a resource.


The foremost factor of using structural steel is they are cost-effective. In recent years, the productivity rate of steel has increased significantly because of the advancement in steel production. The time taken to produce the single tonne of steel is lower, meaning that the base material production is economical. The ms chequered plate and metal sheets from structural steel have a thickness of more than 6mm and are affordable. The advancements in the steel fabrication and detailing process have made structural steel a competitive and low-priced material.


The ability to fabricate the steel into various shapes and sections is one of the characteristics of steel. It is this property that makes steel an appropriate material in the construction industry. The strength of the steel is determined by many components such as chemical property, manufacturing process, and heat treatment. The fundamental element in steel is iron however, the strength of the material can be increased by adding alloys like manganese and niobium. These elements will increase the strength of the steel, however, lowers its ductility and weldability.


It is the most sustainable material in the construction industry and is widely recycled material in the world. About 90% of the structural steel is reused using degradation affecting its sustainability at a minimum rate. The carbon content in the steel has also been reduced to 50% in the past few years making it a versatile construction material.

Fire resistance:

Steel is an inherently non-combustible material. The ability to resist the fire is calculated, generally using the “fire test.” It is a process where the steel is placed in a certified furnace and is evaluated with specific standards to ensure the steel is fire resistant. However, the steel loses its integrity when heated above the “critical temperature.”

Therefore, structural steel is a material that is utilized universally for its numerous benefits and, JSW steel dealers in Chennai provide high-quality structural steel to their customers.