roofing sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets are the commonly chosen roofing sheets by many house owners. These sheets are far better than the asbestos sheets and roof tiles. Corrugated sheets are known for their durability and stability. Hence, corrugated sheets are the perfect solution for business or house owners. The steep slope in the sheets does not allow the water and moisture to stay and evaporate quickly. 

These sheets are formed by cold pressing or rolling the steel. Corrugated Roofing Sheets are commonly used for floors, airport terminals, concert halls, railway stations, and many more. Hence, in this post, some of the benefits of using a corrugated roofing sheet are discussed below.


The corrugated metal roofing sheets are durable and approximately last more than 25 years. However, regular maintenance of the sheets will improve the lifespan of the sheet. It needs much lower maintenance, and regular cleaning of waste and accumulated water will reduce replacement and corrosion. These simple steps will help the sheet to have longevity and stability.


The primary material used in the corrugated metal sheets is steel. Steel is resistant to various fire hazards and disasters, thus saving the lives of people. These sheets undergo chemical treatment, and hence the formation of the algae over the sheet during heavy rainfall is prevented. They are resistant to insect, termites, and pests attacks without affecting the material of the sheet.


As mentioned earlier, corrugated sheets are easy to handle and require less maintenance. The sheets are exposed to extreme weather conditions, so there is a chance of color fading. Therefore, to have sustainability,  make sure to repaint the sheets regularly. It helps them to stay in good shape and save a lot of money. Many suppliers provide durable paints that last for 10-12 years is also a good choice.


Unlike the asbestos and roof tiles, corrugated roofing sheets are light in weight. They weigh only  6-10 kg/m and the capacity of strength is around 250-550 MPa. Hence, these sheets provide excellent toughness with less weight and reduce the transportation cost and labor. 

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