Penis Chastity Devices Manual

Get a quick seem around my website and you’ll rapidly notice My spouse and i include a interest for chastity. Very well, maintaining cocks in chastity, to end up being specific. There’s something extremely very hot about a locked-up prick that I can’t rather place my little finger on… and neither can you, if you’re the lucky one locked-up. Whether you’re looking for your initial chastity system, or seeking to include a chastity cage to your *ahem* expanding series, it can turn out to be confusing when you realise simply how various versions happen to be obtainable. This is especially the case for lock-up lovers who don’t have a Keyholder/Mistress/Best to guide them, and simply hope to explore chastity fetish by themselves. Allowed to my penis chastity devices guidebook!

I’m putting attention on the male member chastity designs in this guideline, while vulva ones will be both hard to come across and not as popular. Vulva chastity units are inclined to end up being the belt type.

As I talked about at the commence, I’ve written plenty in the past about my thoughts on natural male chastity, and there are usually furthermore invitee benefits on the subject matter in the form of erotica simply because well simply because practical instructions. Right here’s just a handful of examples:

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Let’s acquire a look at the key models and variations of penis chastity devices – given in alphabetical order.

Big Guidebook To Chastity Devices For Penises

Behind Barz

Behind Barz are usually a British based provider who manufacture bespoke chastity goods for men and women. Their chastity gadgets are usually built from 316 operative metal, and are all created in the United Empire. Despite becoming British isles established, Behind Barz discreetly boat their custom-made cages and belts all over the globe, should you hence demand. They possess a amazing variety of chastity products -I particularly take pleasure in the appearance of the ‘sissy cage’ which provides a shiny vulva-fronted glance while retaining the shaft beneath on whole lockdown.


Birdlocked are structured in Switzerland, and the Swiss design of the penis cage will ensure entire safety for just as much time just as you (or they) are usually secured up. The Birdlocked devices are manufactured from operative silicone which will be comfy to don, body-safe, hygienic and adaptable without staying flimsy. They fastening via a padlock (or tamper-proof designated chastity tag words, whatever you generally employ). These one-piece chastity equipment for manhood lock-up will be available in a choice of colours, and are usually discreet & pleasant for more time name dress in and under your typical outfits.


Formerly offering just silicone-manufactured penis chastity gadgets, Bon4 now products and offers stainless steel steel attractions alongside their selection of silicone cages.

The Bon4 equipment are on the market in normal, tiny or large, and are available with a selection of bands hence you can try things out to find the perfect match for your (or their) particular gear. There’s free international transport, so wherever you will be in the globe you can purchase without the get worried of large postage racking up your purchase selling price.

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Most people with a hoping interest in penis chastity possess heard of the CB chastity gadgets. There possess been recently countless incarnations through the ages, as the CB chastity system provides ended up fine-tuned and increased. CB-X sell the throughout the world well known CB-6000 chastity gadget, which is out there in standard or limited. There’s a range of comes to an end, like as green, clean, opera or actually timber (if you like a little of irony with your chastity).

There’s in addition the CB-3000 product, which is much wider and shorter than the CB-6000.

The CB chastity cages fasten via padlock or designated clear plastic labels. The clear plastic tag words hostile you can use your chastity system even while traveling and through stability bank checks. There’s no reason definitely not to remain closed up!

Holy Trainer

Holy Trainer chastity products are usually built from bio resin, and possess a selection of products therefore you can specific which one you desire. Or, if you hope, you can contact Holy Coach about possessing a custom made crate made -in the shade of your selection, a content material ticket and different enhancements as explained on the webpage.

These Holy Trainer equipment differ from different types just as there’s simply no padlock still left at the top of the cage which can be bulky under clothing or pose the likelihood of rattling during athletics etc. The ‘MagicLocker’ method method that the offered essential can be loaded into the metallic locking conduit retaining the dog crate parts together with each other, transformed to the secured place and the important taken out -and retained risk-free, in the fashion of your preference.


The Houdini is a nostalgic favourite of mine. The open-ended model of this steel chastity cage fires up my imagination with all sorts of wickedly teasing strategies for operated denial perform. I hesitation this will be the nearly all comfortable or practical gadget for extensive chastity, but for a program with a Top or Keyholder who provides a cruelly sadistic streak to vent on their consenting chastity sub-contract, it appears just about best.

With a handcuff design wedding band encompassing the starting of the shaft and testicles, the idea of total control and surrender will be fortified. The commercial steel conduit and corresponding key provides the ideal gravitas for some hardcore Deb/s activities.

House of Refusal

House of Denial sell off types of chastity products you may have an understanding of from elsewhere. There’s a large variety of chastity items obtainable to order, either tube-style or competition. The House of Denial chastity things are produced from plastic material, silicon or metal, and there’s a large sum to seem through and select from.

Rates get started at just £11.99, so this could be a brilliant way to try out some short-term chastity and see if it’s for you – whether in a sensual bedroom situation with your mate or to take along to a professional BDSM session.

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Secured in Lust: The Vice

Closed in Lust began in 2014 when the founder had complications locating just what kind of chastity machine they were seeking for. After learning about that they weren’t by yourself, Closed in Lust had been produced -and along with the enterprise, The Vice chastity devices.

Four types of The Vice chastity system will be on the market to invest in from Secured in Lust: common, small, plus (most clear) and dark. There’s as well a variety of love-making add-ons and chastity add-ons to browse through. The Vice cages are light in weight, appear with a trademarked anti-pullout design to further prevent get away, and are produced from medical quality polycarbonate. Locked in Lust cruise ship throughout the world, with free of charge shipping for $99+ orders.

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Lovehoney’s Chastity Choices

For a majorly mainstream making love shop, Lovehoney possess a unexpected selection of penis chastity items. There’s their own-brand designs, male member and vulva belts, plus penis cages, from the DOMINIX line. You can in addition discover Professional Sequence cages, as properly as the CB-X CB-6000 chastity products I chatted about previous.

With prices from only £29.99, unobtrusive shipping and Lovehoney’s loyalty scheme, this is a great place to pick up your next chastity cage.

Loving Joy

Loving Joy possess made 4 designs of alloy chastity cage under their Impound sub-range. Corkscrew, Exhibition, Gladiator and Spiral are usually built from mining harvests such as stainless steel, manganese metallic and zinc alloy. Secured customarily via a brass padlock, these chastity cages brook no discussion and will be affordably priced to boot, beginning at merely £38.99.

Click to read our Loving Joy chastity cages testimonials, simply because very well simply because my brand target along Loving Joy intercourse gadgets.

Person Stand by Photographs Media

These MAN Dog crate chastity items by Injections Media keep it closed up and pointing submissively southwest. Produced from high-grade polycarbonate, these items will be long lasting, hypoallergenic and light, but resistant more than enough for the just about all teasing playtimes and for expanded have on.

Person Stand items will be obtainable in dark or apparent variations, fasten up via the incorporated tiny padlock or your very own numbered labels, and are available in a assortment of dimensions for that perfect suit.

MyStim (Pubic Enemy Electro Chastity Cages)

Add an extra facet of teasing tingle to your chastity activities with these electro-sex cages from MyStim. There are usually two designs of MyStim Pubic Enemy Electro Chastity Equipment (one with urethral tube and one without), confident to be entirely amazing to electro-stimulation followers.

Can you deal with the tantalising excitement?

If you’re inquisitive about electro-sex, click to read my beginner’s lead to electrosex & electro sex gadgets.


I’m a major fan of the Oxballs brand – they don’t conquer around the bush, they craft chunky, long-lasting and effective love-making playthings that perform what they declare about the tin (package).

The Cock Freeze in dark or very clear is certainly made of elastic TPR which encases cock and projectiles, so you can enjoy becoming incapable to have erect while your associate can be in its different back home. Good to dress in underneath clothing while out and about. This will be considerably more of a self-tease item than a hard-core chastity fetishists’ item credited to the absence of external locking mechanism.

In a very similar vein (simply because it were) are the Hunkyjunk Lockdown Equipment (in Ice or Cobalt). Hunkyjunk comes from the same men and women behind the Oxballs brand name.

Made from a blend of TPR and silicone, these elastic penis sheaths encase and stop the physical results of arousal for plenty of squirmtastic days out and about or married couples’ perform. The diamond ring at the foundation suits around the testicles to further restrict activity in the place.


Titus present two styles of steel chastity gadgets – one without an insertable anal party linked, and one design with. There happen to be three anal ball measurements to pick from with the insertable fashion.

The traditional fashion of chastity cage from Titus expenses £59.99 and head of hair with a mini padlock or your own numbered tags, as you need. The Titus chastity cages with more/fastened insertable anal basketball cost £94.99 and also fastener in the same way as the first.


I expect this big report to chastity gadgets, including hyperlinks to our chastity cage evaluations, offers been incredibly useful for those searching for their primary or an additional system. Significant tips to consider are:

Fitting: create confident you take accurate sizings and purchase the right match -or opt for a custom-fit fashion if possible.

Dress in duration: Will the chastity unit be used for a Chemical/s session only then taken off? Or carry out you desire to use it non-stop for an prolonged time period of moment? Choose meticulously – some products are considerably more hygienic and lend themselves to comprehensive cleansing and night-time use than others.

Discernment: Is the chastity gadget of your ambitions pretty large and heavy? Will it lock with a padlock sitting atop the key area? Consider how much of a stick out it will build under clothing, if you’re going for more dress in than a have fun procedure. Take a trip plans? A vinyl device, with clear plastic numbered labels, would end up being a safer alternative than a material dog crate with a padlock -unless your top secret fetish becoming uncovered by airport stability can be what you’re after.

I can’t possibly produce about chastity products and thorough, great-quality opinions without bringing up Ruffled Mattress sheets. More than at you’ll search for a new fantastic collection of in-depth chastity machine opinions from Andy, who I’m fairly positive is going after the world-record for amount of products owned.

Ruffled Bedding features prepared a fantastic starter’s guide to man chastity for the sex site in the history, and you may in addition stick to him in this article on Twitter.