Important Features Of UiPath

Features of Uipath

In RPA tools, Uipath is one of the extensive RPA tool that is used to automate repeated and complex organization tasks. UiPath offers more inbuilt and personalized integration with other technologies like artificial intelligence, business process management, and Enterprise resource planning. 

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Why use UiPath

Different types of automation tools are available in the market. But robotic process automation UiPath is more popular among other automation tools such as a blue prism, automation anywhere. The reason is, Uipath is more effective in desktop automation. However, it will be used according to the organization’s needs. 

Some of the key reasons that why industries prefer the robotic process automation UiPath tool are given below:

  • UiPath can effectively execute Desktop automation and handle remote desktop apps smoothly rather than other RPA Tools.
  • Data handling is far better in UiPath.
  • It is flexible, compatible, and Writing logic and procedures are more superior in UiPath.

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Significant Features of UiPath

UiPath has various spectacular peculiarities and functionalities, Let us take a look one by one.

Hosting Options: UiPath is flexible with all cloud platforms. It is simply hosted on virtual terminals and other cloud environments.

Application Compatibility: UiPath has Excellent compatibility with both web applications as well as desktop applications, therefore it gives more benefits for automation and helps to support an extensive variety of applications and activities.

Centralized Repository: Many users can control software robots concurrently because Uipath has a centralized repository.

Security: Security is an important feature in UiPath because it comprises various security options and simultaneously adds more updates. some of the updates are:

  • UiPath comprises frameworks for account lockout that helps to save clients or users from brute force incursion.
  • UiPath automatically detects previous user log in various machines and stop the past login assembly. 
  • UiPath tool restrains the automated data submission beyond website browsers. So, it helps to secure user data and increases complete security.

High-level Screen Scraping Feature: UiPath automation includes a High-level Screen Scraping solution that can run on different languages applications like Java, .Net, etc. users can obtain more accuracy with help of this scraping feature.

Safe tool for the Modeling industry’s workflows: UiPath provides more reliable tools to improve automation abilities and perfection with the model industry’s workflows.

Scalability and Robustness: The uipath automation tool is strong and scalable and originates with Efficient debugging feature and exception control operations.

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