How Does Regular Milk Affect The Hormones In The Body?

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Milk is an energy drink and has all types of nutrients required for the human body. All milk naturally has a small number of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. These are fat-soluble and the level of hormone is higher in regular milk than in organic milk. There are some concerns that the hormones in regular milk can cause health problems and promote the growth of hormone-sensitive cancers in humans. 

However, organic milk contains the minimum amount of hormones compared to conventionally produced milk. Hence, organic milk in Chennai has increased in popularity due to its high nutritional value and zero hormonal supplement in the milk. Therefore, below listed are some of the disadvantages while consuming regular milk.

Insulin issues:

Harvard health shares that the typical cow is pregnant for 300 days of the year and more hormones are produced through the milk every time. Hence, these hormones are high in conventional milk. It is the primary reason for the increase of insulin in the human body. All these pasteurized milk contain IG1 or insulin-growth factor, which raises the blood sugar level and leads to acne. The fresh cow milk in Chennai is free from hormones, pesticides, steroids, and antibiotics and provides a healthy option for bodybuilders, adults, and children.

Mood swings:

Regular milk contains the hormones that can lead to mood swings. Estrogen and testosterone are anabolic steroids when they get out of the body than needed and make people suffer from mood swings. Mood swings happen due to hormonal fluctuation and occur in both genders. Researchers say that regular milk contains 80% of the estrogen which is 33 times more estrogen from a non-pregnant cow.  Therefore, organic milk is far better than regular milk for any age group.

Cancer hormones:

Conventional milk is the source of cancer cells. Harvard health studies show that regular milk and cheese products lead to testicular cancer in men between 28-39. It also affects the breast, colon and promotes prostate cancer in humans. Hence, replace regular milk with organic milk due to its fighting antioxidants and higher nutritional content. Organic milk contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help to suppress these diseases.

Therefore consider the tips shared in the post  and replace the pasteurized milk with farm fresh milk Chennai. Organic milk is a healthy option over other forms of milk to have a healthy and long life.