Even linguistic specialists battle to precise the phrase “I like you” in Klingon, resorting to awkward constructions resembling “I actually like you” or “I unhate you.” Although there is no such thing as a verb “to love” in Klingon, “bangwI’ SoH,” meaning “you might be my beloved,” is mostly accepted as the best reply.

You may as well purchase all of the housing maps for your own home, which completes a nice deed and offers you a further reward (pro-tip: Maps may be shared, so group up with associates to collect ’em all). Aside from that, the only housing gadgets I noticed were a toy windmill and a larger windmill for фантастика и фэнтези the front yard. Both are excellent.

I used to be told by greater than a couple of folks that I used to be “playing with fire” with this little experiment; that in a couple of a long time machines were going to be doing my job for me. The thing is, I despise wanting via financial charts to search out the story, or combing by means of a press launch to work out what is and isn’t new. If a machine can do that for me, or at the least assist me in that analysis, then that is an excellent factor.