Five Ways To Maintain Kanchipuram Sarees Post-Wedding

Bridal Sarees

Kanchipuram sarees are one of those outfits that every woman should have in the wardrobe. From Bollywood’s iconic collection of Kanjivaram silk saree to fashion model’s Angadi silk saree speak the richness of South India’s handloom collections. The complicated creation of woven silk fabric has ruled over wedding ceremonies and festival functions. The richness and the sparkle of the silk saree make it popular across the globe. However, finding the silk saree is not a big deal. But to maintain its integrity for years is the biggest concern. Hence, the following are some tips discussed to preserve the silk saree post the wedding.

Folding the saree:

Even a simple folding technique plays a vital role in maintaining the richness of the fabric. The wedding silk sarees below 10000 need extra attention and care because of their density. Therefore, ensure that zari work is not damaged while folding. Fold the zari inwards because it will protect the sheen and thread work of the material.

Store the saree properly:

Never store the silk saree with any cotton material or any other type of sarees. The reason is, zari or stonework on the silk may get tangled with other sarees and spoil the fabric. Hence, always wrap the silk saree with muslin or cotton cloth and store it separately. This method will increase the longevity of the material. Silk outfits are maintained well in hanging positions.

Using neem leaves:

Traditionally people use naphthalene balls to protect the silk saree from moths and insects. In some cases, people use spray or air freshener to preserve the fabric. But, using naphthalene balls or spray will discolor the zari work on the sari. Hence, using neem leaves while storing will protect the saree from moths. Silica gel is the best option for fungus growing on the silk saree.

Air-dry the saree:

Similar to folding the saree, unfolding the saree every three months is essential. Once in a while, the saree foldings should be changed. Before changing the folding, air the fabric in the shade. It helps to maintain the quality of the material and lasts longer.

Store in a dark place:

Store the silk saree in a dark and dry place. The storage should not let in much sunlight because it may damage the fabric and fade the saree color. 

The bridal sarees are the cherished outfit by everyone and need to be preserved for the year to come. Hence, consider the tips shared in this post to maintain the beauty of the fabric.