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The paper suggests elements, especially design principles and a competence framework, for (re)designing curricula and pedagogies to equip higher education students to be and to become responsible actors, researchers, and innovators in a complex world, and to address grand sustainability challenges. However, initial scoping analyses reveal that, despite the relevance […]

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A serious accident or tragedy in any space venture tends to set back all of them, sometimes by years. Those remarkable twin Voyager probes, launched in 1977 and fueled by tiny nuclear-powered generators, are still returning data about the environment around them, sent by a radio transmitter that uses about […]

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The cast was formed by actors from across Hispanic America, Brazil, Spain and Italy. Knowing Captain America, she knew that he would never surrender and that there was no point in fighting them, connect.Lv so she decided to let them go. A claim is necessarily infringed hereunder only when it […]

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Bagasse is a by-product and has null cost, while biomass provides firm power which gives it the advantage of not requiring back-up capacity as is the case for intermittent sources. The category “Other” includes GHG sources not modeled in BLUES. The Ref scenario also includes an assumption of full implementation […]

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In a cold and rainy game, Henry led the NFL in rushing for the second consecutive week with 170 yards and two touchdowns on a career-high 33 carries, along with a one-yard reception and six-yard pass completion in the 17-0 shutout. In his return, Henry had 20 carries for 62 […]

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Брейк-данс обычно выполняется под аккомпанемент хип-хоп музыки, проигрываемой на бумбоксе или звуковой системе. В некоторыхслучаях такое искусство сейчас находится под федеральной защитой в США, что делает его стирание незаконным. Для неё характерны своя музыка (также называемая хип-хоп, рэп), свой сленг, своя хип-хоп мода, танцевальные стили (брейк-данс и др.), графическое искусство […]

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A must make and now a new recipe to add to our rotation. Made this last night, exactly as the recipe and it was delicious. Broccoli, green beans plus dried mushroom and it was delicious. This is absolutely delicious! She gave birth to daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault in Los Angeles […]

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Это стало известно как джи-фанк и хип-хоп доминировал в мейнстриме в начале-середине 1990-х благодаря списку артистов на лейбле Шуга Найта Death Row Records, включая Тупака Шакура, чей двойной альбом All Eyez on Me стал большим хитом с песнями «Ambitionz az a Ridah» и «2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted», и Snoop […]