Many specimens of poppy variety including papaver somniferum breadseed poppies, California poppies, and taffeta poppies are annuals and are grown from poppy seeds. This implies that unless you let your plants seed themselves across the garden, new specimens should be planted every year to continue enjoying vibrant flowers. And while sowing is normally done within the spring for a lot of varieties, planting the poppy seeds of California poppies within the fall can ensure bountiful and early blooms when the spring arrives.

Even throughout November and early December California poppy seeds may be sown so long as their seed trays are kept on a warm windowsill initially. This will encourage quick germination and get plants off to a healthy start. As soon as young seedlings have reached approximately an inch in height they should be moved from the warm windowsill into a frost free however chilled area. This is best accomplished by placing them in warm but outside spot for a few days, bringing them in at night. After this hardening interval has completed, the seedlings can be positioned in a frost free cold frame or greenhouse to overwinter.

Colder temperatures will hold back the California poppy seedlings growth without killing them. Giving these plants a head start on subsequent spring’s seedlings, this is a improbable way to develop healthy plants to use within the backyard the following year. And while a succession of poppy seeds could be sown in March and April, fall sown plants will offer bountiful blooms earlier than many seeds have barely gotten started.

Once established in your backyard your California Poppy Seeds will continue to produce and multiply for eternal beauty.

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